Curated by P.C. Marani and Furio Rinaldi

December 10 2013 – March 9 2014


Pinacoteca Ambrosiana: Tue – Sun 10,00 – 18,00 (closed on December 25, January 1, Easter Day; open on Monday January 6)
Bramante Sacristy: Mon 09,30-13,00 and 14,00 – 18,00 / Tue – Sun 08,30 – 19,00 (closed on December 25, January 1 and from 12:00 on December 9 2013, March 10 and June 9 2014)

The eighteenth exhibition of the Codex Atlanticus is devoted to mathematics and geometry, two crucial subjects for the development of Leonardo’s thought (1452-1519). For Leonardo all natural elements and phenomena (water, sound, light, motion) are governed by mathematical rules, while the structures of the natural world and of architecture are ruled by geometrical proportions. With close reference to the fundamental ancient texts of Euclid and Archimedes and to those of famous mathematicians of his time, such as Giorgio Valla and Luca Pacioli, Leonardo undertakes his mathematical- geometrical studies and approaches the problem “par excellence” of classical geometry: squaring the circle. The pursuit of the solution to the squaring, which occupies an increasingly greater space in the studies of the late Leonardo (1513-1518), is the main subject of his treatise “De ludo geometrico”, never completed, whose papers are collected mainly in the Codex Atlanticus.