Biblioteca Ambrosiana, a 400 years old institution, is proud to offer not just a magnificent collection of artistic treasures but even the possibility of using some of its outstanding rooms as event locations for corporate events and meetings.

The possibility of mixing your event with a bespoke exclusive tour to the Pinacoteca, of Sala Federiciana  (with the Codex Atlanticus collection in it) and of Aula Leonardi (where Leonardo’s masterpiece “Il Musico” is exposed), could enrich it like nothing else can.

The Ambrosiana so becomes an exclusive meeting spot in Milan for business events and corporate communication.

The Ambrosiana, historical institution founded by Cardinal Federico Borromeo in 1609, December the 8th, opens its monumental spaces to modern needs about communication and public relations.

The ancient rooms of the Pinacoteca and the Biblioteca, two treasures of art and culture in the heart of Milan, propose their selves as new extraordinary locations for excellent event management needs.

Biblioteca Ambrosiana offers the possibility of organizing:

  • Events and meetings
  • Conferences and congresses
  • Bespoke guided tours

Leonard’s S.r.l., since its efforts in order to increase the value of the Museum’s artistic resources, allows clients to customize their events and to create cultural paths in the rare and historical spaces of the Pinacoteca and the Biblioteca, restricted to the public generally.

You could build with our staff your special event including original brand communication solutions, high musical moments or relaxed banquets, in an unique artistic context.

The excellence of the ambient and the content of the Ambrosiana offers the perfect style and tone for the highest quality events and the most important guests.