From today a new fascinating sixteenth century artwork will be part of the collections of the Pinacoteca Ambrosiana. The painting, donated to our museum by Dr Bernardo Caprotti, bears the enigmatic inscription: “FE Salai 1511 DINO” and depicts the face of Leonardo’s pupil Gian Giacomo Caprotti, also named Salaì.

The Ambrosiana looks with great gratitude to this act of true and selfless love for the art lovers of Milan and of the whole world. Visitors will be able to admire inside the museum this work which, for its great historical and artistic value and the sublime style that distinguishes it, has found its perfect collocation in such a prestigious cultural institution. The Ambrosiana can be defined at all effects as “the House of Leonardo in Milan”, as it houses several works of the Florentine artist and his disciples: the famous Codex Atlanticus, the “Portrait of a Musician” the only panel painting by the artist still kept in Milan, numerous drawings including the famous “grotesque profiles” and the illustrations of the “De Divina Proportione” codex by Luca Pacioli, along with works by other renowned artists of his school such as Luini, Giampietrino and Boltraffio.