The Foundation

The Cardinal Federico Borromeo Foundation saw the light in 2008 on Ambrosiana’s Prefect Mons. Franco Buzzi’s initiative, when he decided to involve professors Giorgio Ricchebuono and Claudio Devecchi from the academic and business “worlds”. The aim was to create a board which was in charge of the promotion and the fundraising – which had been neglected until that moment – and to be always connected to the Ambrosiana .

Since the beginning, the Foundation’s mission was to achieve important objectives: the improvement of the artistic (the Pinacoteca) and library (the Biblioteca) heritage’s conservation, the commitment for a better usability and attention to the education and the knowledge’s globalization.

All of this is directed by a vision based on the intensification of the exchanges with other museums in Italy and abroad, in order to enlarge the opportunities for the visitors, helped by the introduction of modern and technologic instruments as well.

In particular the Foundation wants to support, also financially, the Veneranda Biblioteca Ambrosiana, in order to promote its cultural activities and its academic, educational and research objectives.

Prof. Giorgio Ricchebuono (Chairman)

  • Law graduate, he started his career as Deck Officer and Ship Commissioner for the Costa Armatori in Genoa
  • He started working for Banca Popolare di Novara Scarl where he was in charge of the Stock Market and Deputy Director of the Novara HQ
  • Since 1992 he worked for Banca Popolare Commercio and Industria Scarl’s group, where he was Deputy Director
  • Since 2003 he was Deputy Director and Financial Area Responsible for the BPU Banca Scpa Group
  • On the academic function he was contract professor for the Faculty of Political Sciences of the University of Milan, and he has been President of the Association for the Business and Management Studies (ASAM) of Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Milan.
  • He gave lectures, in Italy and abroad, about Private Banking, Asset Management and Finance Markets.

Prof. Claudio Devecchi (Deputy)

  • Business Economics graduate from the Luigi Bocconi Commercial University, specialized at the London School of Economics

  • He was teacher, area coordinator and mid-top management classes responsible at the Bocconi University’s Business Direction School, where he created and directed several research and educational projects
  • He has been qualified P&C Ordinary Accountant by Milan’s Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, where he is professor. He is professor for the Luigi Bocconi Commercial University too.
  • He is Scientific Director of ASAM (Association for the Business and Management Studies of the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Milan) . He is AIPB’s Vicar Deputy Chairman.
  • Author of several books, articles, essays, and he is leader writer for Il Sole 24 Ore. He is technique consultant for Milan’s Court of Justice and Court of Appeal.

Mons. Franco Buzzi (Vicar Deputy)

  • Clergyman of the Diocese of Milan. He studied theology and philosophy in Milan, Rome and Munich, getting the graduation in theology (Milan’s Faculty of Theology) and the PhD in philosophy (Pontificia Università Gregoriana, Rome)

  • He taught philosophy at the Theological Seminary of Milan and at the Faculty of Theology of Northern Italy. He has been professor invited by Pontificia Università Gregoriana, Rome.
  • He is member of the Biblioteca Ambrosiana’s Doctors Board. Since 1993 he is director of the “San Carlo Academy” at the Biblioteca Ambrosiana, which gathers around eighty modern age history scholars from around the world
  • Since 2005 he is Milan Section’s UCID’s (Executive Entrepreneurs’ Christian Union) Ecclesiastic Consultant
  • He is currently the Prefect of the Biblioteca Ambrosiana, since 2007