What we do

The Foundation’s activities are turned to support, develop and promote the Ambrosiana and its heritage, to make this important museum part of the tourism and culture global market.

First, there’s particular care for a communication campaign, in order to enlarge the Ambrosiana’s contacts list and to put the museum in the middle of routes of exchanges with other important European institutions, chambers of commerce, schools and universities.

The Foundation constantly works to find new partners and to create a real promotion and fundraising campaign as a support of its first, great project: “The Ambrosiana Reveals Leonardo”. Since September 2009 the Foundation and the Veneranda Biblioteca Ambrosiana, in concert with the Santa Maria delle Grazie’s Dominican Friars, expose part of the Codex Atlanticus by Leonardo Da Vinci in the monumental Baramante Sacristy and in the Pinacoteca’s rooms. Twenty-two papers are exhibited on a three month rotation basis, in each of the two exhibition halls.

The precise objectives of the Foundation are the following ones:

  • Exchange: enlargement of the contacts list, in an international way too, in order to create common expositions and art works exchanges. Encourage the integration of Milan’s cultural offer along with other institutions of the city.
  • Development: improvement and regeneration of the museum’s management processes, so to get closer to the market’s requirements with customer care, customer satisfaction and merchandising services. Development as growth of the entire local tourism system, through the cooperation with local tour operators, hotels and recreation centres.
  • Spaces rationalization: a structural modernization of the museum’s spaces, so to make them more flexible and open to the visitors’ needs.
  • Events: raising the number of the events hosted by the Ambrosiana every year, which are a true meeting point with the various stakeholders, and setting up meetings for the general public, so to boost the cultural offer for the entire city of Milan.