Leonardo Icon

Following the pedestrianization of Piazza Pio XI, the Cardinal Federico Borromeo Foundation is pleased to present to the city of Milan the “Leonardo Icon”, an artwork inspired by the genius of Leonardo, specially designed by archistar Daniel Libeskind to enhance one of the most important areas of the city.

Indeed the center of the ancient roman city Mediolanum was located precisely here, right under the basements of the Pinacoteca Ambrosiana.

The work is a tribute to the studies of Leonardo da Vinci with particular reference to his researches on the earth’s curvature  and the theory of shadows contained in the Codex Atlanticus, the famous manuscript owned by the Biblioteca Ambrosiana and currently displayed to the public through an impressive exhibition project that will lead up to Expo 2015.

Among the Codex Atlanticus drawing is the map of Milan designed by Leonardo, which overlaps perfectly to the actual line of the city walls and places the center of Milan in the exact position now occupied by the Biblioteca Ambrosiana, giving further evidence to the recent archaeological discoveries: the Biblioteca Ambrosiana is located right over the ruins of the forum of the ancient Roman city Mediolanum.

Particular emphasis is therefore also given to the central position chosen for the installation of the statue: the work stands on a pedestal that reproduces the map of Leonardo mentioned above.

The Cardinal Federico Borromeo Foundation commissioner of the work, is therefore pleased to give an important contribution not only to the Biblioteca Ambrosiana, but also to the entire city, thanks to the generosity of arch. Daniel Libeskind, designer of the ambitious project, and also to the company Savo.Gi, which produced the work.