Curated by Pietro C. Marani

Biblioteca Ambrosiana, Sala Federiciana

drom November 28, 2017

OPENING HOURS: 10 am – 6 pm, Tuesday to Sunday (last admission 5 pm)

Closed on Easter Sunday, open on Easter Monday

The Codex Atlanticus has always been known to gather some of Leonardo’s most spectacular technical, military, architectural and mathematical drawings, but it also contains many sketches of human figures and animals, which often show how the master’s models were timely taken up and copied by the pupils of his workshop. The exhibition Leonardo: drawings of figures and animals presents some of the most interesting sheets on this theme. From the little figures that animate Leonardo’s engineering drawings, illustrating effectively the operation of his machines, to his pupils’ drawings of  caricatures and profiles (real exercise within the master’s workshop), up to to his interest in ancient sculpture, witnessed by the quick sketch of the Sleeping Ariadne of the Vatican Museums. The exhibition ends with some vivid autograph sketches of animals, which appear among drawings of war machines, studies on optics and geometry exercises.