Curated by Juliana Barone and Pietro C. Marani

From December 16 2014 to March 8 2015


Pinacoteca Ambrosiana: Tue – Sun 10,00 – 18,00 (last admission 5 pm) CLOSED ON DECEMBER 25 AND JANUARY 1

Bramante Sacristy: Mon 09,30-13,00 and 14,00 – 18,00 / Tue – Sun 08,30 – 19,00 (last admission 30 minutes before closing time) CLOSED ON DECEMBER 25 AND JANUARY 1

The exhibition Leonardo: studies on water traces the studies on water of the Florentine artist through the sheets of the Codex Atlanticus. The showcased drawings range from diagrams, notes and observations for the creation of a treatise on water, to studies for the construction of canals and hydraulic engineering dedicated specifically to the waterways of Lombardy and Tuscany, to many types of hydraulic machines, pumps and fountains with water games.

As usual, the folios are exhibited in two locations: the Sala Federiciana of the Pinacoteca Ambrosiana and the fascinating Bramante Sacristy in the Convent of Santa Maria delle Grazie.