EXHIBITION EXTENDED UNTIL FEBRUARY 5: Manuscripts and printed volumes on the Reformation

Curated by Mons. Franco Buzzi

Codices of the Biblioteca Ambrosiana selected by Mons. Francesco Braschi


Pinacoteca Ambrosiana, room 2 and 3

Finally, 500 years after the Protestant Reformation, initiated by Luther in 1517, a climate of reconciliation has established among European Christianity. We have passed from religion wars to benevolent mutual understanding, while together we seek the fullness of that communion, where we are immersed, thanks to Baptism that makes Christians the only body of the Lord. From the hateful and sustained controversy in the theological field, we have moved to the peaceful sharing of all that unites us, beyond the differences that still exist.

This exhibition shows, through the writings, both the sources of Lutheran theology and its developments over time, and the profoundly humanistic climate in which the attention paid to the original text of the Sacred Scriptures flourished. The corpus of Luther’s writings, now easily accessible in the Weimar edition, represents that theological depth that bloomed in the later stages of Lutheran evangelical thought. At the death of the Reformer, Wittenberg became the propagation centre of his thought. Theologians of Lutheran orthodoxy, for example, Leonhardt Hütter and Johann Gerhard, consecrated their writings to the purity of the teachings to be conveyed, while at the same time in Christian communities the need for a deeply and sincerely lived Christianity was arising. Thus, the spiritual movement named “pietism” was born, supported by spiritual personalities such as Johann Arndt, Philipp Jakob Spener and August Hermann Francke. The spiritual fire of pietism and the purity of the Lutheran doctrine expressed themselves, in addition to 19th-century Hegelian enlightenment and theology, also in the so-called “wake-up movement” (Erweckungsbewegung), which had in Denmark among its celebrated members Søren Abaye Kierkegaard.

Mons. Franco Buzzi

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